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Address: 2305 Grant Stree
t Missoula, MT 59801

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October 24th-25th


Master Rosbarsky with students at the Homecoming Parade

Master Steve Rosbarsky

Head Instructor at Missoula Taekwondo Center.

The start of Steve Rosbarsky’s taekwondo career is the result of him looking up to his older brother, Matt. (Which by the way he still does.) His older brother was immersed in an era of new martial arts movies... more.......


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Judo Animations
Our self-defense curriculum includes Judo and Hapkido
Ninja Party

Ninja Party (click pic)


  Learn to tie your belt correctly 





Special Offer for New Students


October 6th & 7th

Used TKD Gear proceeds benefit the Booster Club


Montana Open
October 25th

TJ Curry "Fight Like A Champ" Sparring Seminar
October 26th



Kalispell Tournament 11/8

November 21st
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No classes
November 26-28

December 12-14 Portland, OR


Annual Paddleball Tournament 12/20


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