I’ve known Master Rosbarsky for about 20 years now. He’s someone who has always impressed me…
First I was impressed with him as a competitor and champion. The way he carried himself in and out of the ring was something I aspired to.
Next, I was impressed with him as a peer. Even though he was just a few years ahead of me, he was always able to lend advice, his perspective, and his experience to help me move forward towards my goals.
Then, I was impressed with Master Rosbarsky as a leader and mentor. The way he uses his knowledge to help forge future generations of champions is easily seen from the outside, and felt by those inside his community.
But most importantly, I’m impressed with him as a person. He is someone who stays true to his values, means what he says, and follows through with his word. This is the most impactful tool we have, our character and who we are.
I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know Master Rosbarsky this well, and I hope you are able to, also.

Tim Thackrey

Pan American Gold Medalist
US Team Member
Founder of Juice Compound

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I have had the privilege of knowing Master Steve Rosbarsky both personally and professionally for over ten years. He is a person of remarkable character and has always possessed a very contagious passion for helping others. These extraordinary attributes, combined with his experience as a world-class competitor and dedicated martial artist make Master Rosbarsky and Missoula Taekwondo the place to go for people of all ages wanting to excel in a high quality, nurturing and positive environment.

Scott Fujii, YFS3, SSC

Founder, Progression Sports Performance Center
Former US National Team Coach
Current CZECH National Team Coach

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Steve Rosbarsky is an outstanding instructor, coach, and TaeKwonDo-ist. I have personally witnessed his competitive spirit in and out of the ring and would place his dedication second to none. I am proud to know him and honored to have competed in the same era. I hold him in the highest regard, as he is a person of the highest caliber.

Master Instructor Troy Garr

Garr Sport TaeKwon Do
US National Team Member 1997
US National Team Asst Coach 2002
US Collegiate Team Asst Coach 2009

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Master Rosbarsky has not only been a tremendous competitor through the years, but most importantly an outstanding colleague and friend. His compassionate and patient nature combined with world class Taekwondo skills are a perfect recipe for effective teaching. He displays the highest level of professionalism at all times.

Jason Han,

Doctor of Physical Therapy 7-Time US National Taekwondo Team Member USA Taekwondo Board of Directors

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I am truly grateful to have Coach Rosbarsky as a friend and mentor. His dedication to his sport and his Taekwondo family is rare. I love traveling to his gym to be around the love and hard work. It is truly inspiring. One of the many things that I respect is the focus and passion that makes him a national powerhouse athlete. That directly translates to his teaching and coaching ability.

TJ Curry

2012 US Olympic alternate
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It is an honor to have a friend like Master Rosbarsky in my life. If you know him, you will understand what a true human being he truly is. We came up together competing at a high level for the United States of America. I also had the pleasure to coach him towards the end of his career in Sport Taekwondo, and the greatest thing about his character is whether he won or he lost he still had the big smile on his face. And that is a sign of a true champion..He always enjoyed the moment.. And what a pleasure it is to see him teach his wonderful ways to people not just professionally but personally as well .. What a true leader and thank you for continuing to stay in touch.

Coach Peter Bardatsos

8 Time National Team Member
USA Team Captain

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I have been blessed & privileged to know Master Steve Rosbarsky for over five years in the highest capacities, both professionally & as a person. His genius stems from his profound & unconditional love of others; his determination that always keeps the kids' best interest at heart, his willingness to sacrifice his own ego in his humbleness that inspires others,& his profound sense of "balance" of the physical, emotional, mental, & deeply spiritual aspect that is so often forgotten, but not only creates winners on the mat, but truly "Champions for Life." An ancient Chinese Proverb speaks of great Leadership & it says; "Go to the People, live among them, learn from them, & love them. Start with what they know, then build on what they have. Then of those greatest leaders, when their tasks are all accomplished & their works are all done. The People all say, we did this ourselves."

Experience has taught that Humility is the greatest form of integrity, & you either have it or you don't. Courage is greater than strength, & nothing is stronger than true gentleness, which is an empowered inner confidence, that is driven by faith & inspired by the soul; for such a love of others is a rarity, for it is given unconditionally.

Those that cannot, or refuse to sacrifice themselves so that others will realize their most empassioned dreams, always humbling themselves for a higher cause; will NEVER understand those great intangibles of Master Rosbarsky's "entire program;" that in reality brings "Men & Women" of"Faith & Courage" to DO Great Things.

Our Samurai Family has lived the honored code of Bushido for a thousand years, & it recognizes that to be the greatest one must be the least & the Servant of all. Our purpose is to "Protect & to Serve." & as a Coach, a Teacher, a Friend; I am forever mindful of the great responsibilities I have, when entrusted with your children. For I know they are not only your greatest treasures, but the future of our world. Master Steve Rosbarsky is a man of extraordinary integrity, patience, & honor. His courage & unconditional love of those around him is an example that should be profoundly noted. His outstanding leadership qualities testify that there is no limit to the depth of the good that can be accomplished when you so unselfishly give of yourself, & don't care who gets the credit. Finally, there is no greater tribute than the fabric of the character of his students, who mirror his profound philosophies so that they truly are"Champions for Life." Master Rosbarsky would say from his heart, "appreciate each moment, share with those around you, but above all. don't be afraid to dream." Follow a true Leader. live your dream. Expect to Win!

Hugh M. Suenaga

U.S. Olympic Solidarity Coach
National Director of Strategic Analytics
Greco-Roman Coach (USOEC)
The United States Olympic Education & Training Center

2007 Senior Greco-Roman World Champions
Historic 1st in United States History
Baku, Azerbaijan

National Wrestling Hall of Fame
Executive Board Member
Outstanding American, Medal of Courage
Lifetime of Service & Achievement

Founder & Director
USA Champions "Gold" Clinic Series
Nationally Famous "Road To Glory"
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