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Master Steve Rosbarsky

6th Dan Black Belt

is the head instructor and co-owner of MTC. He is a sixth degree black belt in Taekwondo and is involved in the teaching of all the classes from white belt to black belt. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the mat stemming from years of successful competition and training with some of
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Master Amanda Rosbarsky

4th Dan Black Belt

is co-owner of MTC. She is a wife, mother, instructor, coach and athlete. She is very devoted and successful
in all.

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At MTC we have more Black Belt certified instructors per class than any other program in Missoula. They all approach teaching the martial arts in a calm, confident and encouraging way.








Other instructors

Master Glenn Parks

5th Dan Black Belt

Master Parks teaches an Adult Taekwondo Class on Tuesday and Thursday. He competed in Korea this year while on a trip with his Grand Master. Master Parks has a love for Taekwondo that you can see in every one of his classes. He is very knowledgeable and will learn much about everything Taekwondo in his class.
Master Parks is an artist and does a lot in pottery.

Mr. Ryan Watson

3rd Dan Black Belt

Long time instructor at MTC. Teaching the Beginning Class on Monday and Wednesday

Mr. Andy Mikkola

2nd Dan Black Belt

Mr. Mikkola has been instructing Taekwondo for about 5 years. He has competed at the National Collegiates with the team two years ago. He has been very involved with coaching and refereeing for local tournaments.
Mr. Mikkola is currently attending the University of Montana studying Film and Marketing.
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Mr. Scotty Graham

2nd Dan Black Belt

Mr. Graham has been instructing for a couple years especially with Poomsae. He is a member of the NET.

Mrs. Annie Graham

1st Dan Black Belt

Mrs. Graham has been instructing Poomsae classes. She is currently working on her doctorate at the University of Montana. She is a member of the NET.

Mr. Jesse Earll

1st Dan Black Belt

Mr. Earll has been instructing the Monday/Wednesday beginning class and helping with other classes including sparring. He is a member of the NET.