Master Amanda Rosbarsky

Having spent nearly all of her four decades in Missoula, Amanda is passionate about the place, the people, and the culture which make up this vibrant community.


Amanda is a resilient human who uses her life experiences, good or bad, to build herself into a tireless advocate for all people who strive to improve their life experiences and circumstances.


She, along with her partner, Steve, has run Missoula Taekwondo Center, for over 16 years. MTC has a loftier goal than simply teaching students how to kick and punch, they proudly enable people to become their better selves through martial arts training. Leading as a teacher is ripe with meaning, but co-leading her two unique children, Lydia and Edison, gives her a richness of experience that likely cannot be rivaled.


Amanda takes her role as leader in all facets of her life to heart. Following extensive press coverage of numerous sexual assault scandals in Missoula and across the nation around 2011-2012, Amanda, along with other female leaders from MTC, formed a group to provide empowerment and support to community members who wanted to overcome the oppressive fear that was threatening their well-being. The group is called Worth The Fight, and through group and individual trainings they seek to help individuals feel empowered and supported to define themselves in the face of oppression and fear.


In carving out a distinct and unique place in her world, Amanda has pursued a high level of competition in Taekwondo Poomsae. She has twice made the US national team, and won numerous international medals, including Gold at both the Canada and Mexico Opens and Bronze at the Pan American Championships. What she values the most from these competition experiences are the relationships she has built with amazing humans from the global Taekwondo community, and the deep experience-informed teaching she is blessed to bring to her students at MTC.


As fulfilling as teaching both Taekwondo and Self-Defense are, Amanda has felt called to do more. To go beyond supporting people as they seek tools to effectively react to a fear laced climate, she has been actively pursuing the knowledge and capabilities to drive a proactive shift in our culture. She believes that it is possible, with passion, compassion, knowledge, and effort, to drive cultural change in the direction of more widespread social justice, diversity appreciation, inclusivity, and equity; all to make our communities more supportive, innovative, creative, and safer. With a BS in Gender and Sexuality Studies from the University of Montana, and soon an MBA as well, Amanda is seeking a greater role in proactively driving widespread cultural shift.


Master Amanda Rosbarsky winning Gold at the
2016 Canada Open

4th Dan Kukkiwon


2016 Nationals (Bronze)

2016 Pan Am Championships (Bronze)

2016 Canada Open (Gold)

2016 US Open (Bronze)

2015 Nationals (Bronze)
2014 Mexican Open (Gold)
2014 Pan Am Open Individual (Silver), Team (Gold)
2014 Pan Am Championships (Bronze)
2014 Team Trials (Bronze) 2nd Senior
2014 US Open (5th) 2nd Senior
2013 Team Trials 7th
2013 US Open 8th 2nd Senior
2012 Team Trials (7th)
2012 US Open (7th) 2nd Seniors
2011, April 1 Started Sport Poomsae
2001 - Missoula Taekwondo Center Opened
2001 - Started Taekwondo


With my demanding work schedule as well as caring for my two young children, MTC was able to offer classes at a time that I could fit into my week.
I was so fortunate that I found myself in Amanda’s weekday classes. Amanda is an amazingly patient instructor who is very talented in being able to explain and illustrate every detail of every move in taekwondo. She is the perfect instructor for adults because she is able to teach in an atmosphere that is calming, motivating, and unintimidating to adults who may have some physical limitations as well as anxiety about performance at an older age amongst individuals much younger than half their age. Her enthusiasm and love of the sport shows in her dedicated teaching of her students to appreciate their own potential and the enrichment of their life through taekwondo.
She has played an integral role in my martial arts life, and has become a truly special and dear friend in the process.

Dr. Elizabeth L. Suh, MD

1st Dan Black Belt MTC